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Rachel Parga is a registered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & Mindfulness Coach, Wellbeing Course Author & Teacher and soon to be published book Author. Having studied many modalities of the mind, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Parga-Sims’s therapy services and has founded the Maxcebo® Method used in the exclusive Maxcebo® Transformational Therapy currently only available through Parga-Sims.

Bob James is a Business Lecturer, Course Author, Mindfulness Coach and, Mindset Educator. Their skills beautifully complement each other, and both are available to book separately or together for one-to-one or group sessions, workshops, wellbeing days, or public speaking events.

Maxcebo Transformational Therapy

PURPOSE & SYNERGY FOR THE WHOLE OF YOU. This is our exclusive holistic therapy using the fast and effective Maxcebo® Method. It combines...

Maxcebo Coaching

THE ROUTE TOWARDS YOUR GOALS. There are times in our life where we can lose our way a little or we reach a crossroads, and as we are so...

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